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Report, Archie - verbatim. When you've finished, type it out - two carbons. I'll be in the plant rooms.

Please post screencaps, quotes, artwork, and links... use your instincts, tempered by experience.

Saul Panzer, the best outdoors operative North of the South Pole

Anonymous asked: No, no, no! By all means bring back the A & E series, but Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin nailed it for this generation, and many to come!


Friendly reminder:

You are all welcome to submit anything Wolfean you want to share. It doesn’t have to be about the A&E show - I’d love to see more about the books or the new Italian reboot!

Anonymous asked: OMG these texts from the Brownstone are HILARIOUS. Love them!! Keep up the awesome work, I can't stop laughing. It's just too good. If only the NW fandom could expand even further! Tv has to remake/reshow the series again or something to drag in new people haha.

Agreed. Everybody tell your friends